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Artist Residencies - 1st Residency

November 18th to December 5th with

André Costa + Guillermo Mora

The first artistic residency took place from November 18th to December 5th, with the artists   Andre Costa and Guillermo Mora. The exhibition opened on December 5th and remained until December 21st 2019.

Andre Costa is a young artist who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil but has been living and working in Lisbon - Portugal since 2008. He proposes a new approach where the form ceases to play the role of the figure, to become object-form.

The background-figure is not illustrated, it goes through physical perceptions, rather than merely visual. Shape is objective and the representation of the form is found as the shape itself. 

He chose to partner with Spanish artist Guillermo Mora who gladly accepted his invitation. Guillermo Mora is a well-established artist with a solid international career (with shows all over the world and in prestigious art fairs). He has cultivated a unique visual vocabulary, creating an abstract mode of communication.

Mora constructs environments through which they question protocols and procedures of contemporary painting. His work is focused on three concepts: overlapping, concealment and disappearance in painting. Through his practice, Mora conducts research about hidden paintings, paintings that hide other paintings, paintings that hide their processes, processes that hide painting, veiled images and paintings that history has hidden with time.