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This project was born from the shared dream of couple of guys that were truly overwhelmed with their country, and specially the city of Lisbon.

We saw this city boom the last few years, but long before we were already part of its day-to-day. Our life evolved around friends and a number of special places in Lisbon. By chance, and a lot of hard work, we eventually started to make part of the city's go to spots. Before we ventured into the hotel business we ran bars, quiosques and restaurants. With this experience we grew a sense of responsibility and affection towards those visiting us

We knew there were a lot of people, who shared a commun lifestyle, coming to Lisbon and missing out on what was really happening. And so, for us, the goal was to change their experience be in Lisbon or any place we truly knew about.

For people to access the culture and local living in a simple and authentic way become our purpose.

And with the same fascination for creative expression that has guided the way we live, it also had to guide the way we do business. Hence, art, music and a genuine approach to life are at the core of Esqina's identity and are the essence of the experience we want to provide. At every Esqina or just around the corner you will find something different, something new and something true.